Puppet account

  • Select the CloudFormation Service.

Confirm you are in the eu-west-1 (Ireland) region.

Create a new CloudFormation Stack

  • Select ‘Create Stack’

Note that the Factory Initialization Stack has been deployed. If yours has not refer to ‘Install Factory Process’

Select the pre-configured CloudFormation Template

Service Catalog Puppet can be installed via a pre-created CloudFormation Template stored in S3 under the following URL:


  • Paste this URL under ‘Amazon S3 URL’:
  • Hit Next

Specify Stack Details

  • Specify the Stack details as follows:
    • Stack Name: puppet-initialization-stack
    • Enable Regions: eu-west-1
    • OrgIAMRoleArn: None
    • ShouldCollectCloudformationEvents: false
    • ShouldForwardEventsToEventbridge: false
    • ShouldForwardFailuresToOpscenter: false
  • Hit Next

Create the Stack

  • Leave Defaults for ‘Configure Stack Options’
  • Hit Next
  • Acknowledge that the Stack will create an IAM Role
  • Hit ‘Create Stack’
  • You will now see the Stack Status as ‘CREATE_IN_PROGRESS’
  • Wait for the Stack Status to go to CREATE_COMPLETE

What have we deployed?

The following AWS resources have just been deployed into your AWS Account:

CloudFormation Stacks

The CodeBuild job created 2 CloudFormation Stacks which in turn deployed the resources listed below

URL: https://eu-west-1.console.aws.amazon.com/cloudformation/home?region=eu-west-1

Puppet CodeCommit Repository

This respository holds the Service Catalog Puppet manifest YAML file which is used to configure provisioning and sharing.

URL: https://eu-west-1.console.aws.amazon.com/codesuite/codecommit/repositories?region=eu-west-1

Puppet CodePipeline

This CodePipeline is triggered by updates to the CodeCommit Repository. When run, it will create the Service Catalog Portfolios and Products defined in the portfolio files.

URL: https://eu-west-1.console.aws.amazon.com/codesuite/codepipeline/pipelines?region=eu-west-1

S3 Buckets

Three S3 Buckets were created to store artifacts for Service Catalog Puppet.

URL: https://s3.console.aws.amazon.com/s3/home?region=eu-west-1