2021 Workshop

Welcome to the Service Catalog tools network capability workshop - 2021 edition.

The average completion time for the workshop is between 2 - 3 hours.

What are we going to be doing?

In this workshop you will be building out the networking capability for your multi-account environment.

You will learn about some of the essential building blocks the Service Catalog tools provide you when creating your multi account workflow:

  • provisioning resources into accounts using AWS CloudFormation, AWS Service Catalog and Hashicorp Terraform
  • executing AWS Lambda functions
  • Sharing Service Catalog portfolios

You will be using these building blocks to:

  • Remove the default networking resources from your AWS accounts
  • Provision a new AWS VPC using AWS CloudFormation
  • Provision a new subnet using AWS Service Catalog
  • Provision a new subnet using Hashicorp Terraform
  • Share a Service Catalog portfolio so end users can create their own subnets

Let's get going!

When you are ready, click the right arrow to begin!

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