Service Catalog Factory

  • Select the CloudFormation Service.

Confirm that you are in the eu-west-1 (Ireland) region.

Create a new CloudFormation Stack

  • Select ‘Create Stack’

Select the pre-configured CloudFormation Template

Service Catalog Factory can be installed via a pre-created CloudFormation template stored in S3 under the following URL:

  • Paste this URL under ‘Amazon S3 URL’:
  • Hit Next

Specify Stack Details

  • Specify the Stack details as follows:
    • Stack Name: factory-initialization-stack
    • Enable Regions: eu-west-1
  • Hit Next

Create the CloudFormation Stack

  • Leave Defaults for ‘Configure Stack Options’
  • Hit Next
  • Acknowledge that the Stack will create an IAM Role
  • Hit ‘Create Stack’
  • You will now see the Stack Status as ‘CREATE_IN_PROGRESS’
  • Wait for the Stack Status to go to CREATE_COMPLETE

What have we deployed?

The following AWS resources have just been deployed into your AWS Account:

CloudFormation Stacks

The CodeBuild job created 2 CloudFormation Stacks which in turn deployed the resources listed below:


Factory CodeCommit Repository

This repository holds the Service Catalog Factory YAML files which are used to configure AWS Service Catalog Portfolios and Products.


Factory CodePipeline

This CodePipeline is triggered by updates to the CodeCommit Repository. When run, it will create the Service Catalog Portfolios and Products defined in the portfolio files.


S3 Buckets

An S3 Bucket was created to store artifacts for Service Catalog factory.