Disabling the product versions

What are we going to do?

We are going to perform the following steps:

  • disable a product version

Step by step guide

Here are the steps you need to follow to “Disabling the product versions”

Disable the product version

When working with other teams it is recommended that you disable a product version before you delete it. This gives teams time to react before deletion of the product. If they are dependent on the product version still they can reach out to you to inform you.

To disable a version you need to set its Active attribute to False. You do this by editing its definition in the portfolio yaml.

  • Click on the portfolio yaml containing your product

  • Click Edit

  • Add or set the attribute Active for the version you want to disable to False:

    Schema: factory-2019-04-01
      - Name: account-vending-machine
        Owner: central-it@customer.com
        Description: The iam roles needed for you to do your jobs
        Distributor: central-it-team
        SupportDescription: Contact us on Chime for help #central-it-team
        SupportEmail: central-it-team@customer.com
        SupportUrl: https://wiki.customer.com/central-it-team/self-service/account-iam
        - Key: product-type
          Value: iam
          - Name: v1
            Description: The iam roles needed for you to do your jobs
            Active: False
              Provider: CodeCommit
                RepositoryName: account-vending-machine
                BranchName: v1
  • Set your Author name

  • Set your Email address

  • Set your Commit message

  • Click the Commit changes button:

When the framework runs the product will be disabled. This change will only affect the version of the product in your factory account. If you are using the imported product in your spoke accounts it will have affect there otherwise you will need to run service-catalog-puppet to cascade the change.

You can verify this by navigating to Service Catalog and checking your disabled product. It should look like: