Installing specific versions

You may want to install a specific version of either factory or puppet. For example, you may want to ensure you are using the same version in two different installations. In order to do so you can alter the value of the version parameter in the initialisation stacks you created when installing the solution.

Before updating the parameter value you must select which version you would like to install. You can see which versions you can use in the following links:

Once you have selected the version you wish to install you must update your initialiser stack. If you followed the install guide you should have a stack named factory-initialization-stack or puppet-initialization-stack.

You should navigate to AWS CloudFormation in the region of the AWS account where you installed the solution and search for the stack.

Once found, you should click Update button, on the next screen ensure Use current template is selected before clicking Next.

Then on the Parameters screen scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the Advanced section where you may see the warning Do not change unless told to do so.

Within the Advanced section there is a parameter named Version.

You will need to set its value following the pattern:


where version is the name of the version you would like to install. For example to install version 0.60.0 of factory you should use: